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What is your Expertise?

In addition to often receiving requests for referrals for different purposes, I regularly receive various media calls requesting expert comment on a variety of topics for a variety of publications and radio shows.  These requests I forward on to the relevant clients who have expertise in the area in question…


Upon looking through the extensive list of clients’ areas of interest and speciality, what struck me this morning was that a vast proportion of them have a focus that is so broad or vague, it is difficult to recommend them.

For instance, while books on the general topic of ‘Law of Attraction’ (LOA) may be popular, unless that book is then specifically focused on using the law to heal, or to build wealth, etc, it is almost impossible to find a media call that I could forward to an author of such a book.

The same applies to coaching.  There are a number of coaches in the area of LOA, but without a focus or expertise in one area, it is difficult to recommend them as a referral.

Here is a list of the types of expert-comment and/or referral requests that have come across my desk in the past 24hrs:

  • Healthcare professionals specifically in the area of diet
  • Retail expert
  • Entrepreneur parent re work-baby balance
  • Metrics expert
  • Instagram influencer
  • Mompreneur
  • Career coach
  • Relationship expert
  • Asset manager re Bitcoin
  • Customer experience expert
  • Online marketing expert
  • Restaurant expert
  • Criminal lawyer
  • Vintage wedding specialist
  • Mortgage broker
  • Content marketer
  • ePub expert
  • Pet expert
  • Travel insurance expert

So, ask yourself – “What is my area of expertise?” – and make sure your brand represents the answer to that question!

~ Bella