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Turning Your Blog into a Book

turning blog into bookTips on How to Turn Your Blog into a Book

Blogging is where most people who love to write post or write some information that they want to share to others the use of World Wide Web (www) – and, blog is an informational or a discussion site that is published consisting of distinct posts classically presented in opposite chronological order.

Many bloggers and blogs provide explanation about a specific subject. They also serve as personal diaries and online advertising tools of a brand or a definite company or individual. And in today’s generation, more people are using internet in searching for answers to their questions. This is one of the reasons why almost all bloggers are turning their blogs into books.

Here are some of the tips on how to turn your blog into a book:

  1. Compile and edit your past blogs. This is very important so that your viewers and readers will not be confused on what you are writing.
  2. Choose a unique angle for your own book. You already have your blog and it is the basis of your book. You still need to look for a special angle for your book based on other or competitor books.
  3. Create a good content plan for your book. Start by turning you blog into a book by planning and creating a map (mind map) to flesh out all the contents that are essential to be published or posted on your book. Do not get fixed at what is presently published on your blog. It may not signify the most or the best complete book.
  4. Mind your blog for contents and posts that fit exactly to the content idea of your book. By the time you have the content plan, discover the available blog posts applicable to the chapters that you have outlined. Explore for them in the classifications you have created, which is wherever most of the bloggers “file” posts by subject substance.
  5. Blog all the missing contents. You must find and fill all the gaps of your manuscripts.
  6. Entice readers and publishers with unpublished materials. Also, include new contents in your blog. New information and chapters are also a must for more traffic on your site.
  7. Find a professional cover designer. You might want your book to be more professional and more attractive. It is also a lot better if you will hire a skilled and professional cover designer.
  8. Keep blogging. Blog your next book. This is a great way to repurpose the content of your blog. Making and gaining more traffic to your site is essential. People who love to read will also love your blog and book.

Turning your blog into a book gives you more opportunity and more viewers. Remember that a book can reach different types of audiences. Since not everyone reads blogs and not everyone surfs the internet, it is just a good point to turn your blog into a book. It also has its certain credibility and it gives you new life and meaning.

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