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Guaranteed Author Interviews

webinarWe are delighted to bring you a new series of interviews with successful authors!

Learn from people who have been there and done it…



Guaranteed Author Interview Series – Piu Eatwell

Do you want to know what it takes to get published with a Traditional Publisher?

Learn valuable lessons about that entire process from someone who has been there and done it – Author, Piu Eatwell.  

Piu will share the lessons she learned along the way – and hear what she says she wouldn’t do again!



Guaranteed Author Interview Series – Devon Harris

Do you remember the movie ‘Cool Runnings’ about the Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team?

Learn from original team member and Captain of the Jamaican Team, Devon Harris, about his journey through the maze of writing and self-publishing.

Devon will share the lessons he learned along the way – and hear what he has to say about staying motivated to achieve!



Guaranteed Author Interview Series – Mick Moore

Learn from Internet Marketing Legend, Mick Moore about his journey through the maze of writing and self-publishing.

Mick will share the lessons he learned along the way – and even some insider tips on how you can successfully promote and sell your book!


Guaranteed Author Interview Series – Chris Steely

Learn about Chris’ experience becoming one of the authors of an anthology, alongside some of the ‘giants’ of the personal development world…

As a top-rated speaker, NCAA national rowing champion, U.S. Marine Corps Officer, corporate vice-president, business owner, MBA, world traveler, inspirational author, renowned global business coach, and devoted husband, Chris Steely has a vast array of life and leadership experience.



Guaranteed Author Interview Series – Andy Updegrove


With one site serving over a million page views per month and another with over 7,000 subscribers, Andy certainly knows how to target his niche!

In addition to being legal counsel and strategic advisor, Andy Updrgrove is a published author who has built a significant online following.

Learn valuable lessons about Andy’s journey to becoming a published author…




Guaranteed Author Interview Series – Christeen Bauer

Not sure whether you want to
(a) be published by a traditional publisher or
(b) take the self-publishing route?


In today’s interview…  Learn valuable lessons about writing and publishing your book from Author, Christeen Bauer ~ someone who has been published both by a traditional publisher & also as a self-published author…

Christeen shares the lessons she learned along the way – and hear what she says she wouldn’t do again!




7 Reasons Why Most Authors Fail

Now that the Self Publishing Podcast is almost 2 years old (old enough to drink and sell sexual favors, in podcast years), we’re beginning to notice some definite trends. We focused on a lot of the things that work in our self publishing bookWrite. Publish. Repeat, but it’s time to turn things around and bum everybody out.

Knowing what doesn’t work is just as important, because we all have defense mechanisms that let us justify tons of stupid crap.

Time to tip that sanctimonius cow over.

“I’m not doing what the guys suggest in Write. Publish. Repeat because I have my own ways but am obeying the same principles,” you may be saying, “so why am I not getting anywhere?”

Well, are you doing any of what follows in addition to all that “different but still correct” stuff? Because if you are, then Houston, you definitely have a problem.

Here the biggest reasons that self-publishers fail.

1. Not Starting

Let’s start with the most obvious one. It kills me even to include it, but there are actually people out there saying you can be a writer without writing, so I feel the need to step up and lob that idiot ball back into the idiot court.

InertiaIf you do not write, you are not a writer.

That’s all there is to it. I can’t believe there is feel-good bullshit out there claiming that writing can be “within” you and that you can go around, wear a beret, and claim to be a writer even if you’ve written nothing.

Oh, those words are inside you? They’reincubating? Well, whoopity fucking doo for you! Good luck with spreading your ideas. Good luck getting sales. Good luck paying rent. Good luck getting your spouse or significant others to support you in spending time away from grunt work to do it.

Most people don’t put metaphorical pen to paper because they’re afraid. I get it. We’ve all been there. We’re not bashing you for being afraid — afraid of failing, afraid of being judged harshly, afraid that everyone will laugh at you. We understand that fear, but the only way to be a writer — especially a successful one — is to get past the fear and start. Your sweating ridicule, though understandable, is probably exaggerated. In most cases, nobody is paying attention to whether you succeed or fail. 

If you write, you’re a writer. You’ve started. Excellent job. Now do more, and pour in the hours to do it better.

2. Not Finishing

This one should also be obvious, but we see it all the time. In these cases, writers aren’t surprised that they’re not successful, but are incredibly frustrated. We understand. Before joining the podcast, I couldn’t finish a second book. Before meeting Sean, Dave hadn’t finished his first. The phenomenon of the writer with great ideas but no clue where to take her story is all too familiar.

But take heart. The toughest nuts crack if you just keep trying. We also hope our upcoming Kickstarter project Fiction Unboxed will show a few frustrated “can’t finish” writers a few tricks by opening up every detail of exactly how Sean and I make the donuts.

Sometimes, though, it’s not a matter of not knowing how. Most cases of writer’s block, in our opinion, can be easily reduced to simple fear. Again, we understand. Once you finish your book, you must either publish it or confess to your fear. Once published, everyone will be able to read the language of your soul … and, in a few cases, criticize it.

You must push past this. Don’t worry about making your book perfect, because it never can be. Make it professional (see the next section) and get a good edit and generally make it as clean as you possibly can, but don’t sweat the story over and over and over at the expense of shipping. Sean has said on the podcast, “perfect is the enemy of done.” And it’s true. Don’t be perfect. In most cases, it’s best to be finished.

If you must use a pen name because you’re so terrified that what you’ve written is terrible, do that. But you have to ship it. You can’t move on until you do.

Finish, then finish more.

Keep moving, and improving.

3. Treating Publishing Like … Continue reading here:  http://selfpublishingpodcast.com/7-reasons-why-most-authors-fail/?utm_source=feedly&utm_reader=feedly&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=7-reasons-why-most-authors-fail

Writing and Publishing a Book – Step # 6

Step #  6 – Submit to CreateSpace and Approve Sample

WOW!  You have made it to the point of submission!

Bear in mind, what we are discussing here is self-publishing through CreateSpace and selling your book on Amazon.com.

There are many other avenues to get published, this is just one…

…AND you’ve made it this far!!!

Now, let’s submit your work, get a sample to approve and then get you published as a REAL author!!!

First, you will need to create an account with createspace.com and submit your manuscript and cover artwork, and select the ‘market on Amazon.com’ option.

Second, they will send you a sample of your book (for which you will need to pay a negligible amount) to approve before your book goes into production.

Action Item:

As Nike says … Just do it!

Contact me…

If you need more information or would like personal coaching, please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation consultation.