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Writing and Publishing a Book – Step # 4


Step # 4 – Edit & Format Contents, including Copyright page


You now have a first draft on which to work!  Well done!!!  You are further than 98% of ‘wanna-be’ writers.

Now, you need to take every element of self-esteem you have and take a deep breath…

…have you done that?  Seriously?

This is perhaps one of the most challenging this you have ever done…

You are about to send your un-edited baby out in the world – and more than that, you are about to ask the world to tell you everything they can find that’s WRONG with your baby!

…and this is a GOOD thing!  Trust me…

You WANT feedback – positive or negative – you want feedback.

This is the stage where you create a copyright page (for examples, just look at any book in your library shelves) – and apart from the ISBN, you are at the point of creating your copyright page and editing the entire manuscript ready for publication.

…and if you can’t afford (or don’t want) a professional editor, your support team are perhaps your next best go-to people.


Read through your manuscript and correct any glaring errors, typos etc.


Create a copyright page


Format your manuscript to LOOK the way you want it to look.  In other words, if you want the end result to be a 6″ x 9″ book, then

a)  Change your page size in your word processor to be 6×9

b) Make sure the font is one you like and is the size you want

c) Ensure the page breaks are where you want them to be



(if you don’t have a professional editor) Send your manuscript to your three best critics and ask them to review it (and tell them you will love and respect them no matter what they say – and mean it!)


Take all comments and criticisms on board, and edit your baby to the point where you are exceptionally proud of what you have created.


Have someone you trust beyond measure to review your final (edited) work and give it the thumbs up – and remember, we are not after ego-boosts here – if they still find issues, you need to decide whether those issues need to be addressed…


You now have a finished, formatted manuscript!

…scary, I know!!!  But you DID IT!!!

Action Item:

Have a glass of wine…  You deserve it!

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