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Writing and Publishing a Book – Step # 6

Step #  6 – Submit to CreateSpace and Approve Sample

WOW!  You have made it to the point of submission!

Bear in mind, what we are discussing here is self-publishing through CreateSpace and selling your book on Amazon.com.

There are many other avenues to get published, this is just one…

…AND you’ve made it this far!!!

Now, let’s submit your work, get a sample to approve and then get you published as a REAL author!!!

First, you will need to create an account with createspace.com and submit your manuscript and cover artwork, and select the ‘market on Amazon.com’ option.

Second, they will send you a sample of your book (for which you will need to pay a negligible amount) to approve before your book goes into production.

Action Item:

As Nike says … Just do it!

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