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How to Create Your Amazon Author Profile Page

amazon-author-profile-pageDo you have an Amazon Author Profile Page?

I know first-hand how frustrating it is when I want to find other books by an author I really like, only to find their author page doesn’t exist, or that it only contains a couple of their published works and I need to go hunting to find others…

Help existing and potential readers get to know you by bringing everything into the one place on your Amazon Author Profile Page, listing everything you have published (with direct links to be able to buy them), showing them your photos, telling them who you are, providing them with feeds to your blogs, videos, and even a calendar of your events.

Your Amazon Author Page is your opportunity for your readers to get to know you, so make sure you include any details about your background, any awards or competitions you have won, other books you have written, and personal details you want to share.

You will need an author photo and while it doesn’t need to be professionally created, it should be recent and of a high-enough resolution quality display.

Adding Your Book to Your Amazon Author Profile Page

Make sure every book you have written appears in your bibliography.  To add books:

  1. Go to the Author Central Books tab and click Add more books.
  2. In the Search field, enter the book title, ISBN, or author name and click Go.

Once you’ve found the missing book, click This is my book below that book.

Adding and Changing Information on Your Amazon Author Profile Page

Adding or changing the information is easy. Below is a list from the Amazon site – if you would like more information, click here to go direct to their help page:  https://authorcentral.amazon.com/gp/help?topicID=200649520

  • Biography
    • Adding or Editing a Biography
    • Deleting a Biography
  • Photos
    • Adding Photos
    • Moving or Removing a Photo
  • Blog Feeds
    • Adding a Blog Feed
    • Removing a Blog Feed
  • Events
    • Adding Events
    • Editing Event Information
    • Removing an Event
  • Videos
    • Adding Videos
    • Moving or Removing a Video
  • Twitter Feeds
    • Adding your Twitter Feed
    • Editing your Twitter Name
    • Removing your Twitter Feed
  • Author Page URL
    • Creating your Author Page URL
    • Share your Author Page URL on Twitter & Facebook
    • Use your Author Page URL in your Email Signature

As always, if you need any support or assistance, please reach out!

By Leigh St John

Page numbers are done…



We all have to start somewhere… and while I wouldn’t suggest starting with the page numbers – at least it’s a START!

If you are like most people, you have a book inside you that is longing, yearning to come out!

Make a START!  Write an outline – write a possible heading – write SOMETHING!

One step at a time – that’s all it takes – and before you know it, if you keep taking those one step after one step actions, your book will be done!

Sometimes we need to start somewhere and even if it’s only page numbers – START!

If you need any help or support, just reach out and say hello…

Until next time…


Your Coach, Leigh St John


How to Structure Your Book and Stay on Track

So many people say the main reason they haven’t started or haven’t finished writing their book is they don’t know how to structure it and then stay on track!

Here is an example of just one of the audio segments from the Guaranteed Author program to help with that very issue:

I know it’s scary to think about actually writing and publishing that book that’s been inside you for so long – I know because I’ve been there…

If you would like to get support each and every week to help you finally write and PUBLISH your book, it costs the equivalent of less than $3.50 per day…

Think about it…

For around the same price as a decent cup of coffee each day, you could have a training program, a Coach, weekly coaching calls and at least two amazing live events – all focused on making YOU a Published Author!

Here’s what you get (plus, there are no hidden catches, no additional fees…  It’s just $97 per month for EVERYTHING!) – AND you get a Peace of Mind Guarantee –  You can cancel at any time!

course-limited-time*** For a LIMITED TIME, we are removing the initial $297!   It’s now only $97 per month – but you will need to act quickly as we can’t guarantee that we can maintain that discounted price for long…

PLUS you also receive:

Weekly Group Coaching Call every single week for a YEAR! (normally $1250/mo = $15,000/year) plus the calls are recorded just in case you can’t make the actual call. You are invited to attend at least 2 Live Personal Events (max 50 people) with Author and Coach, Leigh St John in fabulous places such as Las Vegas, historic Charleston or beside the water in California, to talk specifically about YOUR book… (normally $2500 per event) start-today-button


If not now, then when are you FINALLY going to get the help you need to write and publish your book..?

Imagine seeing YOUR name on Amazon.com as an Author!

…You can do it…



Do you have a book inside you that you want to write and publish?

Hi, I’m Leigh (Bella) St John and this site is the result of SO many of my clients and friends asking for a one-stop-shop to help them with writing and publishing their book.

Like you, I once felt I had a book inside me – and now several published books, over twenty books I’ve ghost-written, and hundreds of published articles later, I want to help other prospective authors to find their voice and to know the thrill of being published.

We have several coaching programs available, including one program where I GUARANTEE that

…as long as you follow the steps, you will become a Published Author on Amazon.com!

Just let me know what you need and we will do our best to accommodate you!


Don’t wait any longer!  You can write and self-publish your book AND turn it into a best-seller, like these authors…

#1 on Amazon in two categories

Do you have a book in you?

Have you always dreamed of writing a book and having it published ~ but you don’t know where to start?

I’ve written and published over twenty books – including a #1 Amazon Best-Seller (with no paid advertising or promotion and without an email list!) and coached many people from the initial stages of them simply having an idea through to them holding their very own book in their very own hands – and you can do it, too!

All you need is an idea and the willingness to make it happen!

…and I GUARANTEE that as long as you follow the steps, your book will be published on Amazon.com!


Imagine seeing YOUR book listed at #1 on Amazon!

The screen-shot you see in the image below is from just one of my best-sellers and when the first of them hit #1 I was ever so excited – but the ranking itself was not why I was excited…

I wanted to prove to my students and coaching clients that without ANY paid advertising and without promoting it to your email list (that is, even if you have one!) ~ if you follow the steps, and your book is actually what people want to read, you can become an Amazon Best-Seller!

Many people believe to become a best-selling author you need to be rich, well-known, and/or have a huge and responsive email list – BUT it’s nice to know becoming a best-selling author is still an achievable goal for those who are not already famous… 

If you would like to know more, simply click here!


Let us know how we can help!

Thank you for your interest in Leigh St John’s programs, services and products to help YOU become a Published Author!  We’re here to help answer your questions.

We know that writers usually prefer to write rather than call, and we welcome your emails!

If you would prefer to call us, we look forward to hearing from you!  You can call the office, or contact Leigh St John direct through the form below.



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ADDRESS EAST COAST:  1985 Riviera Drive, Suite 103-187, Mt Pleasant SC 29464

WEBSITE:  www.LeighStJohn.com

FACEBOOK:  www.Facebook.com/leighstjohn

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OFFICE US West Coast:  (702) 605 4865

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OFFICE Australia:  +61 3 9013 4865



Meet Your Coach

Meet Leigh and Get Inspired!

lsj-6Leigh St John’s Professional Profile:

When you meet Leigh St John you understand the meaning of the word “passion” – she lives & breathes it with an enthusiasm that is contagious!

Whereas some coaches and trainers will tell you how without having done it themselves, Leigh St John has actually walked the walk!

Leigh is a best-selling Author whose writing credits are too numerous to list and include authoring several published non-fiction books, ghost-writing over twenty books and several successful blogs, being an Expert Columnist with one of the leading small business magazines, Editor of her own publication, and literally hundreds of published articles.  One of Leigh’s greatest passions is helping Writers achieve their dream of becoming Published Authors!

While I may now have the majority of the answers to successfully writing and self-publishing, it hasn’t always been this way…

For years I was like you probably are right now… with one or more books inside you, longing to come out… but they never did…

I know what it feels like to tell friends “I’m going to finish my book this year and finally get it published,” only to have that statement haunt you months, years later when the book is still un-finished and un-published…

…but one day I reached a point where I said “enough” and I made a commitment to write, to be published and to stop letting excuses get in the way of achieving my dreams!

That day was made waaaaaay back in 1990 and since then I’ve achieved more than I ever dreamed…

Here’s what my professional bio looks like today – when you read it, think of all the ways my Team and I can help support you to achieve YOUR dreams…


When you meet Leigh St John you understand the meaning of the word “passion” – she lives & breathes it with an enthusiasm that is contagious!

Leigh’s catch-phrase:  This is where Social Responsibility meets Profitability!

Leigh is an Achievement Strategist – a published Author, Media Personality & MC, Speaker, Facilitator, Strategic Consultant, Coach & Trainer who, quite simply, makes things happen!

Whether it’s coaching clients to become published authors, helping you to effectively brand yourself (personal and/or business) in order to exponentially grow your business, facilitating joint ventures, developing and rolling out strategic and marketing plans with clients, or consulting in any one of a variety of areas, Leigh specializes in getting the client from A to Z in the most effective – profitable and enjoyable! – manner.

With her unique background in commercial & non-profit management, web design and social media, education, entertainment and media, a Client List that reads like a who’s who, & her passion for making a positive difference in the world, Leigh St John brings with her an exciting blend of experience & understanding that generates results!

Leigh is a member of Mensa, Executive Director of The Masters Media Group (encompassing Senior Guide USA and various online state Senior Guides), & an accomplished entrepreneur in her own right (having created both wonderfully successful businesses & a couple of memorable failures – though thankfully more of the former than the latter).

Her media and presentation background includes hosting movies premieres at Warner Bros to black-tie charity events through to week-long corporate professional development retreats.  She has coached international trade delegations on behalf of the Australian government and much more.

Her writing credits are too numerous to list and include authoring several published non-fiction books, ghost-writing over twenty books and several successful blogs, being an Expert Columnist with one of the leading small business magazines, Editor of her own publication, and literally hundreds of published articles.  One of Leigh’s greatest passions is helping Writers achieve their dream of becoming Published Authors!

Leigh has taught for many years with one of the world’s top business schools (despite not having finished high school!), has qualifications in Journalism, Non-Profit Management & Adult Education, has studied Psychology, Marketing & Communications…

…and she studied Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University for a semester – for fun!

Leigh is also a member of the Council on Foundations & is licensed with the Commission for Children & Young People [License # 7849/78846].

Books authored by Leigh include:

Projects and Activities (Past and Present) also include:

  • Executive Director, Masters Media Group (includes Nevada Senior Guide & Senior Guide USA)
  • Owner and Coach, Guaranteed Author Program ~ www.GuaranteedAuthor.com
  • Owner, ‘Writing and Publishing My Book’
  • Web Producer, Emmy-nominated “Trafficked No More” documentary
  • Board Member, National Green Energy Council
  • Founding Board Member, Crowdfunding Professional Association
  • Board Member, “Courtroom Cuddlies” (Non-Profit Organization providing ‘fluffy friends’ to children in courtroom situations)
  • Host – “Going Green TV”
  • Host – “Quiet Achievers and Unsung Heroes” radio talk show
  • Executive Director, Senior Industry Network Group
  • Relationship Manager – Conference Online Las Vegas
  • Associate Director – Corps of Compassion/Caring 4 Kids Foundation (501c3 Non-Profit Organization)
  • Consulting Lecturer and Facilitator for Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Education (listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s top business schools)
  • Member of AFI (American Film Institute)
  • Ambassador for the Social Register of Las Vegas
  • Member of Mensa
  • Founder of the Australian Mentoring Institute Inc (Non-Profit Organization)
  • Board Member and Community Outreach Chair, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners)
  • Member of the Panel of Professional Advisers for the Victorian Government
  • Founding Member of the Women In Tourism International Alliance (WITIA)
  • Australian Ambassador to the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce
  • Mensa National Special Interest Coordinator
  • Speaker Chair, Las Vegas Shared Vision Network
  • Finalist in the Australian Women in Business Awards
  • Finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards
  • Expert Columnist, “Dynamic Small Business Magazine”, Australia’s leading small business magazine
  • Daily Columnist – “The Morning Bulletin – Life With Leigh” (full page every weekday covering ‘positive’ news stories in major metropolitan newspaper)
  • Drive-Time Co-Host, major commercial radio station
  • Sponsor and Mentor for Australian Business Week (business simulation program for high school students)
  • Mentor for the Commonwealth New Enterprise Incentive Scheme Advisory Committee – NEISAC – (government-sponsored small business start-up project)
  • Judge – Australian Film Institute Awards
  • Judge – SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) National Awards
  • Judge – APICTA (Asia Pacific Information Communications and Telecommunications Awards)

Some of Leigh’s larger clients include:


On the personal side, my passions include (not in any particular order) …

Good red wine, my glorious friends, the joy I feel from helping people achieve their dreams, writing, travelling the world in style, sharing my adventures, Italian food, books, being on or near the water… and generally being ‘happy’…

“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney


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