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Writing and Publishing a Book – Step # 3


Step # 3 – Write the Contents / ‘guts’ of your book

By now you will have your working title, your ideas mapped out into your outline, and a general table of contents to work to as a guide.

Now you need CONTENT!

Now you actually need to WRITE!

You DO have something within you that you want to express or you wouldn’t be reading this post nor this website in the first place.

TRUST in yourself…

YOU have something to say…

So SAY it!

The greatest critics and people who will stop you at this point are YOU and your support team.  Yes, you read correctly…  Your support team at this point are perhaps your greatest obstacle.


Because they want the best for you – and what you are creating at this moment is not your BEST – it’s your first draft.

Protect it, love it, give it life…

That’s your ONLY job during this step…

Get it OUT of you…

Don’t second-guess yourself…


Use your index cards as your guide re what to write and when and where it goes…

…and just WRITE..!

Action Item:


Contact me…

If you need more information or would like personal coaching, please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation consultation.


Writing and Publishing a Book – Step # 2

Step # 2 – Map our your Contents and Structure

By now you have come up with your title – or at least a working title – for your book.

Next, let’s look at what you are putting into your book and how you want to structure the contents.

Structure of “365 Days of Inspiration”

In the instance of the “365 Days of Inspiration” I’m compiling, the contents are one page per day with an inspirational quote on each page, and space for the reader to write their general thoughts.

I’m also including a “what happened on this day” note for the reader to consider what someone else experienced on that particular day in history.

As this is a ‘guided journal’, each page will also include some questions to prompt and/or challenge the reader.

Contents of “365 Days of Inspiration”

At this moment, the contents of the book I’m compiling will simply be the months and days of the year.

Your book will no doubt be more complicated and it will take more work to decide on your structure and the general outline of the contents – however just think of this like mapping out a story-board.


One strategy that I use a lot is to write each idea or concept on a separate index card and then lay them out and arrange them in various orders until they both make sense in that order – and that it just ‘feels’ right!

Action Item:

Take a stack of index cards and write a separate idea or concept for your book on each card until you have covered every idea that you will include in your book.

Then place them out on a table (or on the carpet if there are too many to fit on the table!) and re-arrange them to your heart’s content until you get them to tell the story of your book.

Contact me…

If you need more information or would like personal coaching, please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation consultation.