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9 Year Old Publishing Her First Book

9-year-old-publishedHer name is Lydia Schofield, but her pen name is JoJo Thoreau.

“I just love the feeling of writing it makes my life feel complete,” Lydia said.

Lydia is 9 and she’s in the process of publishing her first book. She’s got two others in the works.

“Me and mommy were coming up with rhyming words and playing around with rhyming words and I came up with Bendy Wendy that’s how it started,” Lydia explained.

“I was completely amazed to think that I had a little mini writer in my house,” said her mom, Tiffany Schofield

Wendy Bendy is about a girl who loves to bend.  Lydia gets a lot of her inspiration from her own life, but keeping track of her ideas can be tough.

“I have so many ideas that I can’t put them down fast enough and sometimes I have so many ideas that when I write them down my hand gets tired,” Lydia said, laughing.

She likes to… continue reading here:  http://wabi.tv/2014/04/10/9-year-old-publishing-first-book/

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