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Frankfurt International Book Fair – 2014

Book_Fair_2This is a MUST DO trade fair for Authors!

The Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF) (Frankfurter Buchmesse) is the world’s largest trade fair for books and you need to get your book ready NOW in time to submit it!

At the Frankfurt Book Fair you will find around 300,000 in attendance (yes, that’s right – 300 thousand people!), eight full halls of exhibits and covering 100 different countries.

Reach publishers, agents, distributors, printers, booksellers, librarians, book buyers, authors, journalists, rights executives, editors and so much more…

Even if you can’t go in person, there are many organizations that will display and promote your book on your behalf.

I’ve had great results with the following:

…and if you’re a Member of our Guaranteed Author Program, let me know if you are interested in submitting your book and I’ll help you with your submission.

Have fun!


Your Coach, Leigh St John


How to Structure Your Book and Stay on Track

So many people say the main reason they haven’t started or haven’t finished writing their book is they don’t know how to structure it and then stay on track!

Here is an example of just one of the audio segments from the Guaranteed Author program to help with that very issue:

I know it’s scary to think about actually writing and publishing that book that’s been inside you for so long – I know because I’ve been there…

If you would like to get support each and every week to help you finally write and PUBLISH your book, it costs the equivalent of less than $3.50 per day…

Think about it…

For around the same price as a decent cup of coffee each day, you could have a training program, a Coach, weekly coaching calls and at least two amazing live events – all focused on making YOU a Published Author!

Here’s what you get (plus, there are no hidden catches, no additional fees…  It’s just $97 per month for EVERYTHING!) – AND you get a Peace of Mind Guarantee –  You can cancel at any time!

course-limited-time*** For a LIMITED TIME, we are removing the initial $297!   It’s now only $97 per month – but you will need to act quickly as we can’t guarantee that we can maintain that discounted price for long…

PLUS you also receive:

Weekly Group Coaching Call every single week for a YEAR! (normally $1250/mo = $15,000/year) plus the calls are recorded just in case you can’t make the actual call. You are invited to attend at least 2 Live Personal Events (max 50 people) with Author and Coach, Leigh St John in fabulous places such as Las Vegas, historic Charleston or beside the water in California, to talk specifically about YOUR book… (normally $2500 per event) start-today-button


If not now, then when are you FINALLY going to get the help you need to write and publish your book..?

Imagine seeing YOUR name on Amazon.com as an Author!

…You can do it…